Register To Vote!

Where to Vote: Voters are required to vote where they reside. If your voter registration is up-to-date, you can refer to your Voter Notification Card for your precinct number and polling place location or use this Polling Place Locator on the Maryland State Board of Elections site.

Click here for information required to register to vote:

If you moved more than 3 weeks prior to the election and did not update your voter registration information, you will need to contact the Harford County Board of Elections to find your proper polling place based on your new residence. You will be required to vote a Provisional Ballot at the new polling place.

Click here for the Voter Registration Form:

You will need to deliver the completed voter registration form to the Harford County Board of Elections office at the address below.

Harford County Board of Elections Contact Information:

Kevin Keene, Election Director
133 Industry Lane
Forest Hill, MD 21050

Who Are Your Elected Officials??

Use this website for a look up of your representatives in the Maryland House of Delegates, Senators & U.S. House of Representatives.




Harford County GOP
PO Box 289
Bel Air, MD 21014